Solar Kit Deals

DIY Solar

Many of our gridtie customers self-install their gridtie solar power system. Gridtie solar is for people who are already plugged into utility power. Gridtie solar is less complex to install than offgrid and can be easily expanded. Because of utility rebates for gridtie solar systems your installation may be more regulated. Check out the Rules, Regulations and Policies in your state. Plan to have an electrician or licensed contractor do the final hook-up.  

Your town office is often a good place to start to get information on local regulations, permitting, and to get recommendations on contractors to finish things up for you.  A call to your electric utility will provide you with all the information the contractor will need to make sure the work is done seamlessly.  Remember there is a 30% Federal tax credit available as well as many state programs that can help you offset the cost of the system!