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All kits are customized to your specific installation requirements by our licensed solar professionals.

7000 Watt String Inverter Solar Panel Kit

List Price: $13,133.00 Save $500!


* may be eligible for 30% Federal tax credit

All kits are customized to your specific installation requirements by our licensed solar professionals. The 7000W SMA Sunnyboy Complete DIY Grid-Tie Solar Kit is a great size for most residential customers. The 7000W SMA Sunnyboy is one of the most installed inverters. Homes with a SMA inverter installed are serious producers of kWh's. Depending where and how the array is mounted about 1,000kWh per month can be expected.


MODULES: Your Complete Solar Kit will contain 27 to 30, 250 Watt modules.

INVERTERS: The heart of your Complete Solar Kit is the SMA Sunnyboy Grid Tie Inverter. We’ve installed 1000’s of these. They are really easy to install (watch video) and although they have almost 0 failure rate, if you have a problem, the SMA tech support desk is reachable in under 4 rings and you’re talking to a human in less than 60 seconds. These inverters are backed by world class technical & customer support. They come with an extendable 10 year warranty. I’ve got 2 of these units on my house. They’re the best.

WIRING: During our design conversations with you, we will determine the approximate lengths and then add a bit more to your spools. By knowing how much current has to be carried and how far, we can determine the proper gauge of conductor required. Your home run wires under the array will be crimped and labeled according to your home run map. All of your grounding wire is included as well.

All the home run wires All the DC wire from the j-box to the Inverter All the AC wire from the inverter to AC Disconnect and to the Main Service Panel are included. This is your L1, L2, N and green. All your grounding wires are included too. This is your EGC and GEC.

BALANCE OF SYSTEM: Our Complete Solar Kits are distinct from anything available to a homeowner on the internet. Your solar kit comes with a super complete Balance of System. All the 80 little parts and pieces that make up your solar system come in your kit. Don't be fooled by other companies claiming COMPLETE kits, read closely and you'll see the Bill of Materials is just modules, inverters, racking, and a few token miscellaneous items.